On my Lumia 1520 where is the Motion Data Setting?


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SensorCore Lumia 1520. Wheres the Motion Data Setting...

Hi everyone, I am super happy with my Nokia Lumia 1520 but I understand that the STEPs feature on the Health & Fitness App should be working but isn't.
Perhaps someone can help.
I am on the latest update, including Cyan. When I load the Steps App it says I need additional app from store. When I click yes to find it, it then says no apps found.
I have tried Sys Pusher to see if I am missing a setting I could force onto my phone.
I have tried software reset plus I have today done a hardware reset.

Perhaps I am missing something.
My GFs new Lumia 930 has the Motion setting and so does my sons Lumia 630.

Really hope someone can solve this, thanks in advance for any help.

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