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paint tool sai pen pressure issue?


New member
Aug 6, 2018
I've been using a surface pro 2 for a few years along with paint tool sai for drawing. I loved that thing and ran it into the ground, so I was psyched to finally invest in the newest surface pro. And of course, as my luck would have it, the pen pressure won't work together with sai on it!

I've looked into the issue, and people are recommending the Wintab driver (which I've tried), but I've seen a ton of people say it hasn't worked for them. I'm one of those people. I hadn't read up on this before I invested in the SP, does anyone know a way to fix this?

I've tried both the 64 and 32 bit Wintab driver. Sai2 (trial version) pen pressure seems to work fine, but I wanted to figure out if I could get sai 1 to work before spending the money on sai2 first.

I really hope someone has been able to figure this out! Thanks!