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Photo album app


New member
Jun 19, 2014

i needa photo album app that would just let me see all the photos and album that are shared with me without having to navigate through folder and subfolders to get to them like in ONEDrive UWA.

To explain a bit more. I have HTPC in living room that has it own MS account. I want to share albums from my personal MS account (and my partners MS account) with the account on that HTPC in a way so I can just open photo app and see all the albums lined up there. (I don't like the way it is done in onedrive app where I have to navigate through subfolders)

I believe that used to be possible a long log time (w8.1 or WP 8.1 if I'm not mistaken), but I cant make it work in W10(with last big update)

So is the any other nice UWP app that lets me do this?