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Possible to take macro shots with W10M ?


New member
Apr 24, 2011
I wonder if it is possible to take macro shots with any Windows Phones (specifically 950XL) on Windows 10 Mobile ? If so, please explain and show how to set up or do I need to use other 3rd party camera apps ?



New member
Nov 12, 2012
950 XL has (I believe) a 10cm minimum focus distance.

But you really don't have to even get that close for a good macro because it takes such beastly large photos. That's the legacy of Lumia high MP lenses starting with 1020 and continuing through 1520, 930/Icon, 950/XL.

Make sure you are capturing (either JPG or DNG) at the high res setting and snap a reasonably close and well composed shot. Tripod is your friend here, even though OIS also helps you. Microsoft Camera would likely give you the best control over resolution sizes and capture formats.

Now crop in for a great "macro" shot. Post shot edit on a larger PC screen would be best, but you could do the crop and correct work right on the phone.

They do have aftermarket macro lenses that clip on. You could try one of those. However, optics quality may be suspect as most of them are cheap "me too" produced items. Also these add on lenses need to be carefully aligned.

Most professional would be to get a rig like Beast Grip that allows mounting true DSLR lenses in front of your Lumia Camera.


Apr 6, 2013
I guess its how we interpret what a macro shot is

Normal shot

and a close crop, i.e. not macro
(its from the same picture, really... 950XL)

... !!