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Required WiFi to download any app above 20mb in store

Jegyasu Gupta

New member
Jul 19, 2015
Hey, I'm new on Forum.. I hv Lumia 640xl having problem with store.. Any application which is more than 20mb is not downloadable on cellular network.. It requires Wifi to download.. Plz help me..


Retired Ambassador
Sep 26, 2014
We actual can not help this cape is standard in WP 8.1. but for some it's not 20 but 50 or 100 mb.
So if you have access to WiFi please use WiFi.
There is a work around but than you need a second phone. In the second phone enable wifi sharing and connect you phone to this WiFi now you can download apps .

Kailash Rawat

New member
Mar 30, 2016

First of all your account should be always xyz@Hotmail.com / xyz@Outlook.com

1) Goto the this link via PC (https://account.microsoft.com/devices?refd=account.microsoft.com) and remove your window phone from the list and click on Remove Phone Hyperlink Button. And logout the account.

2) Reset Your Mobile. (Settings->About->Reset)

3) Re-Login your Microsoft account in window phone not in pc.

4) Goto the Store and Open Settings Turn-Off "Only get updates over wifi".

Now you can download games or apps less than 90 MB.