ringtone and alarm mp3's clog memory


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Mar 28, 2006
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I decided to give custom ringtones to a number of people in my address book. (If you search this site you will find the instructions for allowing you to use mp3's as ringtones on the Blackjack II and that works here.) The Jack has much more memory. However, I am clogging up that memory by having 13 songs in My documents/My Sounds. I tried to move the entire folder onto the SD card but I was then unable to use the songs as ringtones (or as the wakeup tune on my alarm.) I had to move them all back to the main memory in My Documents/My Sounds. Is there a way to stash the files on the SD card and still use them as ringtones? If I could just use 30 second snippits of the files for the ringtones that would help but I am pretty sure I have to have the entire song. I cannot break up an mp3 into subfiles. I have to have all of a John Coltrane tune in the memory because I want to hear the first minute of it before finally hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock.

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