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SD Card Problems


New member
Aug 4, 2013
I have a 32gig SD card installed and all is well and fine until you get about the 4gig mark when it starts chucking up errors. Or downloads wont work. Or the phone wants to check it for errors that kind of thing.

I took that to mean it was one of those fake cards I wasn't that bothered as it was a present and I didn't pay for it.

But now i brought am 8gig card and I seem to have having the same trouble. When it hits about 4gig of content it starts chucking up errors and the phone asks to check it. It scans it and just scans forever and becomes unusable.

I then have to format it and it works fine again. Anyone else have trouble with SD cards?

Ejay Lozano

New member
Nov 28, 2012
I had issues with my L830 and micro sd cards, I went through 2 memory cards a Sony 32gb and a 64gb. I had photos that would be in the phone for a while and when taking new photos those previous photos would be erased. I ended up doing a clean fresh install on the phone and bought a PNY 64gb card and only use the card for photos and music. Apps and everything else is internal. So far I haven't experienced any issues.


Retired Senior Ambassador
Aug 26, 2014
If you had a 32GB card that started giving errors after 4GB, then you had what is known as a fake SD card. Sellers actually take a 4 or 8GB card, re-label it as a 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128GB card, then sell it for the higher price. It is quite shameful and illegal, but even Amazon gets duped by vendors at times. Flash drives are also faked in this same manner, so beware.

Whenever you get a new card, you need to test the card and make sure it is legit. Do a web search on how to test or verify fake MicroSD cards, and you'll see how to handle that.

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