Should I update to gdr1 DP?

abhishek singh21

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Apr 27, 2014
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update to gdr1 DP ?

I own a lumia 925. with lumia cyan . before the launch of cyan i enrolled in DP and updated my phone to wp 8.1 dp. i did face a lots of issues and trouble with the bugs. but after updating my phone to cyan i pledged never to take part in DP. but i am thinking to try it out again. is gdr1 DP a safer update. or should i stick with cyan and wait for an OTA update??


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Nov 12, 2012
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Re: update to gdr1 DP ?

I'm firmly of the opinion that too many people are on the Preview for Developers.

This may or may not apply to you, abhishek, I can't tell from your post above...

Too many are getting on the P4D looking for something it is not. It is not a shortcut to early release. (OK it is, but that is not the point of the program.) People enable it expecting a paradise. It is not optimized for your phone. It will most likely cause one or more issues. Those will be minor to severe. Many of these people act surprised when issues arise and seem to be totally unprepared for how to deal with the issue other than posting in the forum numerous "Help Me" type threads. It causes confusion among the more general WP base and makes the OS look more unstable and unattractive than it really is in Official form.

Microsoft has stated the Preview for Developers is not a Beta Test. I feel that is a bit disingenuous. It looks like Beta Test to me, an advanced Beta, but a Beta nonetheless. People getting on P4D need to be of a Beta Test quality and mentality. The issues arising from use of P4D need to treated as Beta Test learning and not the subject of endless bombardment in a public space (meant to represent the Windows Phone user community) of threads decrying the stability of Windows Phone.


Feel like a Beta Tester, qualified and ready to be one? Get on the Preview for Developers. Otherwise, no. Wait patiently for official OTA updates.

BTW, I was on P4D and switched off it. I wanted stability and dependability while on a long vacation overseas. When I was on it I tried very hard to read all the threads and help others. I don't think I ever started a thread about an issue (I only had a very few minor ones like battery life decline). I read the same type of threads being started over and over and over. I simply got tired of doing my part as a Beta Tester and helping troubleshoot. The people with issues were too numerous and seldom took time to research. To be sure, there are many on P4D who are qualified and are doing tremendous work helping others who may not be as skilled. I just chose not to reenter that scene.

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