Still no October update for my All AMD laptop, is it me or still an update block in place?

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Aug 17, 2013
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I have been using ASUS GL702ZC laptop with Ryzen 1700 and RX580 in it. First time around, in November when the whole update was said to be stable, I downloaded the ISO and upgraded manually, but immediately found out that there was some problems with the graphics, and immediately rolled back.
This week, I tried using upgrade assistant and got the all clear from the installer and proceeded to install, however, reaching some 30%, laptop restarted and started undoing changes on its own. So, is it me or is there still some sort incompatibility with AMD here?

[Edit]: I just updated by making an iso, and everything went ok. However, the OS on its own is buggy, file explorer has a half second delay in switching to dark theme on every startup(from boot), task view animation flickers and last but not the least, the Dark theme experience is appalling. Disclaimer: I understand I updated manually, should expect bugs(related to the hardware not basic windows experience) if the device is not updated through windows update.
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