SP4 - Having issues with a loose power button that is often failing to actuate when pressed

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So from day one my SP4 came with a loose, rattly power button. I did a little bit of research and found that other people were receiving models like this, though I'm not exactly sure how common it is. Since it didn't have any other issues I decided to keep it but now, about six months later, I'm starting to have issues with the power button. It will often take multiple presses to get the button to register an input which is obviously very concerning as it may get to the point where it doesn't work at all. Also, even though I only put the device through minor use as it's not my main PC, the frame is starting to get creaky when held in certain spots (almost like if you were to lightly push your finger against a water model and then let go). Which is odd to me because it didn't come like that and I have never dropped the device or done anything to damage the frame.

Having said that, my SP4 has no signs of wear as I've been very careful with it, the battery has no issues and is still holding a full design capacity charge after 50 cycles, and I've had almost no software issues with the device. My worry is that since apparently you only receive refurbished models when you get your Surface Pro replaced, that I'll get one with battery wear or cosmetic issues.

So my question is, what is the general quality of the refurbished replacements, and if I don't find the one I receive to be satisfactory, can I keep getting replacements until I'm happy with what they send me? Thanks in advance for any help that I may receive.

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