Surface Book touchpad sensitivity and screen brightness


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Oct 30, 2012
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I recently got a surface book (I5, 8gb ram, 128gb SSD model) off ebay and so far everything is really good with it. I had reset windows 10/removed everything and update the firmware/patches to the most recent one. Everything for the most part is very good, I only have two minor (?) issues I've noticed so far...

The suggested screen brightness is very low when I use the "change brightness automatically when lighting changes." If I turn it off then the screen will be considerably brighter in general. So the automatic adjustment is doing something. Obviously I can manually adjust the brightness with the slider, but it seems with that option on the sensors think it's really bright when it really isn't. Has anyone encountered this? I've tried to download and use the sensors troubleshooters from microsoft's website but I get an error when I try to run it that says "scripted diagnostics native host has stopped working." Another note is that when I did the initial reset, the screen was also very very dim during the installation process.

Secondly, the trackpad is really great. I've seen a lot of posts about issues with scrolling and I thankfully haven't encountered any issues there. I do, however, feel like the trackpad's sensitivity is pretty low (even when I turn up the cursor speed all the way to the max). The interesting thing is, I feel like when I first received it (before I reset it) the trackpad felt more sensitive than after the reset and firmware/patch upgrades. It just doesn't feel as sensitive as it should be (as also compared to my other laptop, lenovo y50, that I own).

Has anyone encountered these issues and if so are they hardware or firmware/software related? Thanks!

Edit: When I go into advanced options, the touchpad becomes much more sensitive and feels more correct. If I continue and go load windows then it becomes slow again, definitely some kind of driver issue it seems.

Edit 2: I'm dumb and forgot there was additional settings beyond the control panel for mouse sensitivity/pointer speed. I did a clean install and the suggested brightness still seems dim to me but that's pretty minor so everything seems good now.
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