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Things I want improved in Cortana


New member
Jun 5, 2012
Cortana will "navigate" to my home and work locations, but it won't recognize any other places I add as locations for navigation and it doesn't seem to understand how to navigate to contact addresses. It's a similar problem that many Google Now users have as well - it brings up a web search instead (and sometimes does it for work/home navigation too). It's Beta - I hope they fix it.

Cortana doesn't let you edit the news source(s). You are stuck with the sources they chose. I don't necessarily like all of those sources and I'd prefer to choose my own sources. Again - it's beta - hopefully they will correct this.

​It a good start for a beta, but I wished they'd not used a game character that no one outside of gaming would know or care about!


New member
Apr 4, 2014
I wish Cortana has A.C. Milan in the Sports section in her notebook
it only has the English Premier League and a lot of other sports teams in the US

found a workaround, though: searched for "AC Milan" through Cortana, found a news section about it, and choose to add it to her notebook