Tile Titles, mostly annoying IMO


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Mar 11, 2010
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I was hoping the ability to delete tile titles would come along with 8.1. We all like to tweak our start screens to personal perfection yet we still have to put up with the titles on our tiles. Why? I know there are 3rd party tile customization apps that allow this , but they are still very limited in what they can accomplish. The phone tile for instance, with "cool tiles" I can adjust the hue of the icon from white to gray to black and use any tile background of my choosing, awesome right? Wrong. While nice it also removes the functionality of the live tile, so no missed call count. Other live tiles can be customized but same result as the live-ness is lost. I saw a poll on here once that didn't get very far debating this issue. It seems a lot don't care one way or the other, that's fine it wouldn't be mandatory just an option in settings. Personally I'd love having the option. It's got to be possible, we're just locked out. Anyway I got an extra hour of sleep due to the time change and I'm all fired up for a little rant.

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