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Silviu Bogusevschi

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Oct 27, 2013
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BBM Beta
In This Build

Notification Improvements

Providing impactful notifications to users has long been one of the aspects of BBM that our users love. We’re taking that a step further in improving the BBM for Windows :
? BBM for Windows will now see message details as part of the notification without having to open the app
? BBM users that send their BBM for Windows Phone friends a message will now see a “D” even if their Windows Phone friend doesn’t have BBM running
? The new notification number displayed will now indicate the number of new chats (previously displayed the total number of new messages)

Even More Features

Since the last BBM v1 for Windows Phone beta build, we’ve also introduced:

? People you know suggestions now appear full screen during setup

? Invitation screen updates
? Long press to move contact into category
? UI treatment to make groups stand out in contact list
? Implemented Contacts pinning from Homepage
? Groups invite improvements
? Support for new emoticons
? Barcode scanner/view finder display

Software Quality Improvements

The story for this updated version of BBM for Windows Phone doesn’t end with the new features. We’ve carefully pursued through issues that you’ve raised on the discussions forums and other feedback tools to target software quality improvements for this release too. The most notable software fixes are below:

? Selecting BBM contact crashes app after changing BBID password
? BBM stops responding when using emoticons
? Portion of BBM screen gets black for some time while selecting contacts to invite to a group after it has been created
? Chats- Share location- Map not displaying the accurate location when tapped on the chat bubble
? User is taken to the sent invitation tab on hitting back after opening an email invite
? Invitation: Scanning barcode seen in scanning device screen become stretched
? Invites: Contact is not adding directly to the users contact
? Feeds: Text 'No updates' displayed instead of 'No new items'


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Feb 8, 2014
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Time+ (new name for StopWatch) v1.3.3.0 (A?lejandro D?azs) (10/01/2014)
Time+ | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
  • Changelog:
    • Added support for landscape mode.
    • New setting: orientation lock.
    • Subtler vibration effect.
    • Added support for Brazilian Portuguese language.
    • Added support for German language.
    • Added support for Italian language.
    • Changed app title to "Time+" on all languages.
Tetris Blitz v1.8.0.0 (Electronic Arts) (09/30/2014)
Tetris Blitz | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
  • No Changelog
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Nov 22, 2013
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Version :
Last Updated : 10/1/2014
Change Log : You can now ask Cortana ?Shazam this? to instantly start identifying music around you. We?ve also improved performance and fixed a few bugs.
Store Link : Shazam | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

My Vodafone

Version :
Last Updated : 9/30/2014
Change Log : In this new version, we have tried to improve App performance and fixed few bugs. Hope you all like it!
Store Link : My Vodafone | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (India)

Arpit Mittal

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Aug 8, 2013
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Very happy to see update of Shazam as I read shazam will not update WP app( in wpc forum). Now waiting 5-6 app to update which I use (Cricbuzz, Cricinfo, IMDb, IBNlive, TOI, etc)


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Jul 14, 2011
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Very happy to see update of Shazam as I read shazam will not update WP app( in wpc forum). Now waiting 5-6 app to update which I use (Cricbuzz, Cricinfo, IMDb, IBNlive, TOI, etc)

I'm afraid you're never going to see IMDB receive an update. It had been abandoned right after its release.

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