Unable to improve my handwriting recognition for one language: "... NOT updated for <language>"


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Dec 13, 2017
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Unable to improve my handwriting recognition for one language: "... NOT updated for <language>"

I am using my Surface Pro (5/2017) with three languages: English, German(Swiss) and German (Austrian). The latter two I added because Swiss and Austrian German differ a bit and the Austrian flavor also uses a special character that the Swiss variant doesn't use.
Since the handwriting recognition rate was really bad I recently decided to "train" this beast and chose to run "Settings -> Devices -> Pen and Windows Ink -> Improve Recognition".
I went through the procedure for English and Swiss German and both went fine (at the end I get "Recognizer updated for <language>"). I then also wanted to do the same for Austrian German and went through the entire (somewhat tedious) exercise only to witness - at the end, after hitting "Save and Exit" - to see a balloon popup stating "Recognizer NOT updated for German (Austria)". ?!?

To verify this I went through all of these three again. English and German (Swiss) went fine, but German (Austria) was again NOT updated!

What could cause this? Why can the Recognizer save the data for two languages but not the third?

NB.: the hardware, pen, and the recognition works - so please no suggestions to run SFC or reinstall the pen driver etc.! I actually went through that already, but as expected that didn't change anything! I am also up to date re. Windows Update - at least WU says so... This is on Windows 10 Pro, BTW.

My problem is really "only" that the handwriting reco could be better and that training the reco engine - at least for one of my languages - obviously doesn't work as expected.

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