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Unlock lumia 1020 screen or get photos from locked phone


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I have forgotten my password and now i have my all crucial pics in my Nokia Lumia 1020. I can't perform hard reset as it will erase all the data. I have tried all the possible combinations but still no luck. Is there anyway to access the data sky drive was not configured as well for backup so I don't have any backup. I am also ready to hard reset if someone suggest that i can recover data by some recovery tools. Please help me :( :(


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Jan 12, 2013
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Hmm, unfortunately there seems to be no easy method to recover your files from a locked phone. (If the phone has Bitlocker enabled, recovery would be nearly impossible.) Professional file recovery technologies might be needed to do that - this implies fees and possible legal documents... however, you can try bringing your phone to a service center and ask if they can recover the files for you. Give them strict instructions not to do anything to your phone if they can't recover the files - service centers have a tendency to just reset the phone to factory defaults.

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