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Vote For new emergency option named "Emergency Contacts" for Windows Phone 8.1

Max Boyman

New member
Mar 27, 2014
Add emergency contacts for locked phones, uses in accidents to know and contact ulcerous or victims family or friends

Every people should have special contacts that in emergency situations others know them and stay in touch with them even if phone locked. so when somebody injured that he or she can not talk how we should know who is he or she?
with adding the option to choose Emergency contact in our phone settings, and add a button to show emergency contact in unlock pad every body can easily and fast contact victim or injured person's family or friend.
also windows phone users can call with their emergency contacts without unlocking the phone.
so we request this from suggestion box.
please Vote this to make Microsoft to read and make this possible.
this is the link for voting with Microsoft suggestion box " https://windowsphone.uservoice.com/...-emergency-contacts-for-locked-phones-uses-in " please vote as soon as you can.


Moderator Team Leader
Sep 30, 2012
This is something that a service provider in the UK has had as an option for a few years now, Orange. You can nominate contacts that you can call for free or in emergency situations like you suggest. But you can already contact the emergency services universally.

Personally I think this is more of a suggestion for the service providers in your country rather than the WP community as a whole, for the reason that you can already call emergency services if you get hurt, you don't need to call a family member or friend in those situations - it's not 'essential' anyway.


New member
Apr 23, 2012
there are several advantages to these emergency numbers,
1) they can also be used to get in touch with you if your your handset get lost and is picked by a good samaritan .
2) some of the emergency services are not as efficient as you think depending on which country in live in.

Just want to Know, its possible for those on Orange to bypass the lock screen?