What if there won't be any windows mobile devices?

Chintan Gohel

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May 23, 2014
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New thought - if MS is indeed working on the next version of windows on an ultra portable device and working on making that device as well, wouldn't they be sourcing for feedbak on what features are needed and testing those features as well?

I mean, say right now a lot of users want noght light on their phones, but it's not there yet - so how can MS gauge feedback on the same if here's no user experience to begin with?

The lack of new features can mean that they don't plan on developing anything anytime soon

MS need to get user feedback on what features we want and if possible, release those features to current handsets so they can get the user experience perfect and then release that with the new handset - or else it will be a new handset with a beta OS and beta features that will become a pain point for new users


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Apr 2, 2017
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The new foldable device that's on its way (seems to be in the testing phase, seeing as its been spotted on the campus), is based on win10m. Probably why they have been so focused on bugfixes in the so called "feature2" branch - to tighten everything up prior to release.

Hence the new OS will likely not have "beta issues" or very many.

Its likely all the stalled features are waiting for that SKU to be refined, so that all of them can be pushed out to both SKUs when both the bugfixing, and finetuning are complere- imo.

I reckon that's all feature2 has been about. Stall features, refine OS, remove bugs, create branch, then implement stalled features on both SKUs on insider rings and get back to business. Being relative/branch SKUs, if you make features for one, it should be relatively trivial to have them on the other, and they should ideally be able to be maintained with more overlap than not.

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