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Whatsapp not working on windows phone 10 (Lumia 640XL)

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Hi everyone,

I started to have a problem with whatsapp on my windows phone (Lumia 640XL). The app doesn't respond and I can't send or receive messages on the app. I reinstalled the app over wi-fi and it worked fine for a day, only for the problem to return.

Please help in finding a permanent solution for this problem so that I can use the app without any hassles.


abhishek singh21

Apr 27, 2014
have you checked your network connection? are you an insider?
i faced a similar issue day before yesterday when the texts weren't getting sent and i reinstalled the app but the app wasn't able to connect to verification services so it sat like that for a day my connection ( wifi) was working fine . Then i tried verifying using mobile data and it worked and now there is no such issues.

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