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Why can't I use the wireless of the Lumia 1520 to tether, use Bluetooth and wireless networks?

Mike Jonah

New member
Feb 18, 2015
Lumia 1520, tethering, bluetooth and wireless networks

Hello, first post and probably a quick answer. Anyway, I use the 1520 to connect to a wireless network.. then use internet sharing via bluetooth, connect my laptop via bluetooth to the phone and can browse the net.. but not on the wireless connection the phone was on, but on the phones 4g/3g data connection. Why cant I use the wireless that the 1520 was connected to? I notice that the wireless is switched off on the phone as soon as I select share, This is only an issue as the wireless security certificate is gash in the travel lodge hotel, my corporate branded laptop wont allow access due to that. im tech savvy and there's no way to fix that. the 1520 will connect and use it, so why cvant i then tether and use that wireless via the phone connected to the laptop via bluethooth? Im gabbling I know.. here's what I do// Conenct the phone to the wireless. Enable sharing via bluetooth, then go to the laptop and connect to the phone (as access point), then browse, it works, but not via the wifi on the phone, that is switched off now but via the data contract.... thanks for reading.


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Sep 26, 2014
Re: Lumia 1520, tethering, bluetooth and wireless networks

Hey Mike welcome to WC,

I understand your problem but what you want can not be done.

The idea of internet sharing is that you can create a wifi hotspot using a data connection because there is no wifi.

So why connect your phone to wifi and than another device to your phone why not connect the device direct to that wifi. (i know why you can not do that but your case is an exception)

And a correct question would be why is there then a bluetooth tethering.
The advantage to use bluetooth is that it use less battery on your mobile (but the speed is lower)
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Nov 12, 2012
Re: Lumia 1520, tethering, bluetooth and wireless networks

The thing is... Your WiFi radio is only Broadcasting or Receiving. It's not in the software to be a Transceiver.


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Nov 3, 2012
Re: Lumia 1520, tethering, bluetooth and wireless networks

No USB tethering either.

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