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Why is my Lumia 925 flashing to the lock screen every second or 2?

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Started doing it on Friday after I'd made a phonecall over bluetooth carphone kit. (coincidence I think?)
The picture that flashes up is what you would see if you pressed the side pwr button to lock it but it continuously flashes on and off as if the button is being pressed.
So far I have done soft reset, hard reset, had it apart and unplugged battery/checked all connections/buttons etc.
The fault still happens even with the side buttons disconnected.
I've also tried Windows Repair Tool 1.2.4 to install older firmware which I've downloaded though it just turns the phone off after a minute or so then the pc says phone lost and installation failed. Screen reboots and just shows the word Nokia until I hold the pwr button to make it turn off and back on again which it will do and start as normal returning to the standard screen flashing on and off with lockscreen picture.
It's on latest update of Denim, never been dropped and is as new. I can still answer a call and speak as normal despite continuous flashing fault.
Any ideas?

Alicia Van Lare

New member
May 5, 2015
Did you get this issue fixed. My phone has been doing this for the past couple of days. I've done a soft reset multiple times (11-15) and it has not been responsive. I don't want to resort to a hard reset either.

My phone flashed between the lock screen appearing and going black, and the "slide down to power off" screen whenever I press the lock button.


New member
Nov 12, 2012
You have broken hardware most likely. Since the phone does not have a removable shell, you can not easily inspect the area for defects. Seek qualified repair. Check for shops in your area. A button should be a pretty simple fix.

Additionally the Original Poster is an unregistered Guest and can not reply in a thread without joining. They most likely have m oved on and will not revisit this.

Welcome to the forum Alicia. I hope your 925 gets fixed. :)


New member
Jun 18, 2015
Have you found a solution to your problem?. My phone Lumia 925 flashed between the lock screen and black every 1 or 2 second, also, as described below the user Alicia Van Lare. I made soft reset and hard reset, but problem not solved. Sorry for bad english...