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Wi-Fi problem - Can't Update any Apps or W10M

Have Heart

New member
May 4, 2012
Today i bought this wonderful mobile phone but I'm having trouble to dealing with this my Lumia 650 doesn't update any applications or games, and not update to the newest W10M version. But I can see websites and some other related staff like sending emails.

It simply stucks at updating the system and apps.

I did a hard reset and turned off the battery saver.

Any help?


New member
Oct 21, 2014
I just bought the Cricket version and I go into store and "check for updates" it says 34. I hit update all and it does nothing for a few minutes, they say pending, then it acts like they're all updated. Then I check for updates again and they all seem to still need updated. Any thought or just keep it connected to wifi and be patient? Do I need to log into my Microsoft account yet? I haven't.

UPDATE: I just had to be patient and restart it a few times. It took maybe 1 hour but everything got updated. I did log in too.
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