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Wi-fi with Facebook and Instagram apps


New member
Aug 15, 2015
Hi all

I'm just wondering whether anybody else has a problem with the Facebook and Instagram apps when using Wi-Fi? Both sites continually fail to load photo's and videos when I'm using Wi-Fi (all I see is a black square on Facebook, and Instagram will eventually show a 'refresh arrow'), and sometimes I get the "couldn't refresh feed" message.

I know there's not a problem with my Wi-Fi, I've done speed tests which show decent speed and other apps (i.e. Twitter and Edge Browser) load photo's/videos fine on Wi-Fi (and this is immediately after Facebook and Instagram apps fail to load the photo's/videos).

When I use Mobile Data, Facebook and Instagram apps will load the photo's/videos instantly without fail. Going to and from work, I will look at the apps on the bus and everything always load up fine with Mobile Data. I've tried using Mobile Data at home immediately after the apps have not loaded properly over Wi-Fi, and the pictures/videos appear immediately. However, it depends on the time of day whether I get a decent Mobile Data connection at home so Wi-Fi is a necessity for me.

It leads me to think there's a problem with these apps and how they're 'talking' to Wi-Fi.

I'm interested to hear whether anybody else has these same issues with these apps over Wi-Fi?

Lumia 950, 15063.0


New member
Dec 22, 2011
I had this problem with my 950 XL, only with Instagram. Either a recent update to the app or switching to fast ring fixed the problem, not sure which one.