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Will AR/VR and AI spell the collapse of society?


New member
Apr 2, 2017
I mean this to just be a light or philosophical discussion, not meaning to be overly dramatic - but if AI/voice/smart devices can do most of everything for us, constantly entertain use etc - people eventually would basically capable of nothing right?

And if AR/VR can deliver people whatever experience they want, touch and sensation included - how many people might choose that over their actual lives, like drug users do?
People might not just be basically incapable of everything but also unwilling to do it.

Exagerations yes, but perhaps such things might be overall bad in the context of something like say, a war, or a global depression, or even by themselves cause such things (for example unemployment because people choose virtual life over actual life)



Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
Possible, but I dont think it'll be any worse than video games today for a very long time. We'd probably do ourselves in by some other means.

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