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win 10 defender keeps saying a file/virus is there which isnt


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Feb 7, 2022
Hello everyone,,

so yesterday i downloaded a file (lets call it just a random .rar file)

windows was like "nono thats a virus not good youre not allowed to download that" mhm okay fine i respect that.

but the windows defender shield still has a red X on it. when i click it it says the file is still there under a path. i go to that path and its NOT there mobdro kodi!
but win defender says its there.

so i have windows defender check every file on my pc, it finds nothing but the files are still shown.

even if i go to "actions - remove" nothing happens. the file isnt there anymore, but defender says it is. that red X makes me nervous.
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Jun 9, 2021
I suggest you for "Windows Defender Offline Scan" you can find it in "Scan Options" it takes not more then 30min.
hoping that your problem will be solved...

As you said that you follow the file path and culprit is not there then its simply a defender bug.
Simply open "Protection History" Click that file and select the option "Allow on PC". So that red X will turned to normal green tick.

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