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Win 10 Spins for Days After Installation and Reboot

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So. . . I began to have a problem after the anniversary update: my machine would no longer boot, but just sit at the black screen with spinning dots for days. So I reformatted and reinstalled. It was fine until a few hours later the latest cumulative update installed. To test this was the culprit, I made some little changes and then restarted; no problems. Then I installed the standalone version of the update. Sure thing, the Windows wheel just spun on boot for hours and hours. So I reformatted and reinstalled Windows again. This time, I used the Show/Hide Updates tool to Hide the cumulative update, and set the group policy for the machine to Notify and Accept updates before installing. I rebooted. Everything was good. Until a few hours later when I rebooted again and it wasn't. It's be on for 2 solid days now, just spinning on that black screen. Rebooting and trying to get the Adv Startup Options does not work. Sigh. I now don't know what the problem could be. Could it be that my hard drive is dying? I know this doesn't sound like a typical hard drive death to me, but then again, they can present oddly. Perhaps the information is being overwritten? Perhaps the drive is no longer fully communicating with the motherboard and therefore the O/S? If it's just the hdd, then that's easily fixable; if it's the mb, then it's not so fixable. Sigh. Anyway, any help is much appreciated. This is driving me crazy! Thank you in advance!


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Oct 2, 2016
Hi! I suggest you try to install the Anniversary update with the media creation tool. You can find it here. This is a large update and may take several hours to complete, so be patient! It took several hours for the update to complete for me! There are several free programs that will test your Hard Drive. If you need help with that post back after you try the media creation tool!
How to get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update | Windows Central
Please turn off your Anti-Virus while using the media creation tool. If this doesn't work, I suggest you register here and open up a thread on the forum!