Windows 8 adoption rate reportedly worse than Vista


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Oct 2, 2012
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No insults taken at all (where's the thumbs up icon on tapatalk?)

The frustration you deal with, from people that won't even attempt to navigate "start - control panel .... " is a little different than what I'm on about:

The person with a fresh w8 install has no clues where to "start". Experience with past os's isn't going to help them other than "guess I need to start clicking around and experiment".

Luckily, you get told that while it initializes the OS.


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Nov 5, 2011
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Not switching to Windows 8 any time soon unfortunately..
I've had many bad experiences with Windows before, and even though I do have a WP8 and LOVE it, I kinda dont wanna ruin the good streak I have going on with Windows 7...
plus my computer isnt touchscreen..I'm deff considered part of the late majority or even Lagger when it comes to technology, I dont find the need right now to invest time, money or energy into familiarizing myself with a new OS when like they say "If it aint broken, dont fix it!"

I can understand this point of view. Even though I bought a Windows 8 touchscreen laptop and I really like Windows 8 the more I use it, I didn't seriously considering upgrading my desktop and other laptop, both of which have Windows 7 (pre-installed in both cases), up to Windows 8 even at $40/per computer. I like Windows 8 more than Windows 7, but it's not like I don't also like Windows 7. If I had Vista or XP on one or both of those computers, I might have felt differently.


Jan 9, 2013
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I haven't upgraded my laptop since the Core 2 Duo generation. There's no reason to upgrade, my laptop runs Chrome, Word and Excel. I don't need it to do anything more than that.

Probably completely off topic but that's what I use also. I'm sure my computer could be much more efficient but as it stands it handles music, movies, browsing and gaming just fine. Obviously I do't play the latest games.

As for Windows 8 sales. As soon as I saw here at wpcentral that the 39.99 was coming to an end within 24 hours, I bought my upgrade license immediately. Someone above said that MS should have advertised the deal it a bit more...I agree.

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