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Would i need to download and update again windows 8.1 if i factory reset my Nokia Lumia 520 ?

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WPCentral Question

It took a lot of time to download the cyan update but finally i have windows 8.1 in my Lumia 520.

I want to factory reset my phone now. would factory resetting take my phone all back to the oldest version of windows 8, the version which was present at the time of purchase, or would it be okay and still windows 8.1 ?

Because a total of 1.5 GB download took quite a long time.
I do not wan to do all that hard work again :(

Can i factory reset my Lumia 520 so ?

What OS would it show after resetting is my main question ? :(

Please answer
Aug 25, 2014
It will not go back to black.., doing factory reset will erase all your personal content , apps and reset all your settings.,
After factory reset U will be on the same firmware and same OS version as of now.


New member
Jun 25, 2013
You can't go back to previous versions with the factory reset, for that you need to downgrade the phone with the Nokia recovery tool software.

So, no worries... your L520 will be in 8.1