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WP8.1.1 backup fails, what can I do?

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wp8.1.1 backup fails

WP8.1.1. Backup fails at 96%. Have tried:
Delete old backup remnant from phone/onedrive - did not fix issue.
Turned off text backup - did not fix issue.
Turned off lock screen picture/background - did not fix issue.
Hard Reset, re-installed OS and all apps from Store again - fixed issue for about 1 day then problem returned.
Wrote up problem on this site and a dozen others including MSFT Community thing, sent mutliple feedback requests to MSFT to fix the issue - no response or fix that works.
Noted the Windows Central editorial offering the 'Delete backup...' fix which does not work.
So question is: Did MSFT just give up on WP8.1.1 and if so why would anyone ever buy into another MSFT phone product when history shows MSFT just abandon the phone OS and customers after a year or two?


New member
May 21, 2014
Re: wp8.1.1 backup fails

Same problem! I'm seriously not looking forward to the upgrade path to a replacement (or new W10M) device if I have no previous backup.


New member
Feb 15, 2016
I'm having exactly the same problem.
Been thru most of the steps mentioned in he earlier post (i haven't done a hard reset), and uninstalled most of my apps.
Backups still don't work.

Not happy