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WP8.1.1 WiFi disconnect issue, can I get some help fixing it?

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WP8.1.1 WiFi disconnect issue

For some unexplained reason WiFi on my Nokia Lumia 620, CV UK, 8.1.1. has started to disconnect my strong local home WiFi connection and will not reconnect until I soft reset the phone. Going into Settings\WiFi and tapping on my home WiFi just pops a message "cannot connect - restart phone" or something like that. After restart phone connects perfectly - until next time it disconnects of course.
I have not dropped the phone or made any changes so is this another of those pesky unannounced Microsoft 'adjustments' to the OS - like the ones they keep making to various apps? Or are they just messing WP8.1 up so people are forced to move to W10 (or more likely Apple or Google phones)?
Do not want to Hard Reset the device as I will loose all apps no longer in the store and the ability to move map data to SD with the old Nokia storage manager also I did HR my partners 620 to try to fix the 96% Backup failure fault - it did fix it but only for about 10 minutes so HR is not an option for me.

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