[WP8] Boot Error?

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[WP8] Boot Error

I'm getting a boot error message every time I try to turn on my Ativ S. It look like a Windows 7 (desktop) boot manager screen, error 0xc0000428, file \windows\system32\boot\winload.efi digital signature can't be verified. And then some useless instructions like press F8 (haha) or insert system disc.

Factory reset (power button+volume down) doesn't work, connecting phone to PC via USB doesn't do anything either, so basically I have no idea how to absolutely anything. I'm probably replacing the phone anyways soon, so sending it in is not an option (and would cost more than the phone is worth). Anyone can think of anything I could do to fix this? And related question, to which I assume I know the answer ("no") but I'll ask anyways - is there any way to get some of the data of the phone's internal storage?

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