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Yet Another W10 Error 8024402C it use to be 80240020, how can I fix this?

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Yet Another W10 Error 8024402C it use to be 80240020

When I first ran the Media Tool on my desktop got the 80240020 error followed some M$ advice and now get the 8024402C error, M$ says to remedy this (after running the Update Diagnostic Toll) to turn off Firewall, AV and check the adapter settings to make sure IPv4&IPv6 are set to automatic dns settings. Did all that and still get the 8024402C error. I haven't seen anything else I can do. Doing the AllowOSUpdate in Registry and setting it to (1) all that does is put it in the Update Now loop. 1st go round I deleted the Download files under Softwaredistribution in Windows in C drive. Deleted the $Window,~BT&WS folders that had the Media Tool stuff ran the update and no go the second time I left all the downloads under softwaredistribution in and didn't delete the new folders created in C drive and it still doesn't work, still get the 8024402C error. Any ideas would be wonderful.

Funny thing my craptop went smooth as glass same W7 Hm Prem OS with the Media Tool......go figure.

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