1. dachrist's Avatar
    I have a Lumia 950 that just received the OS update this morning to 10.0.15063.251. My email notifications have stopped working (I am using Outlook). I checked the settings, and have confirmed that I do have a notification set (and vibrate on) as before. But nothing happens when an email comes in.

    I also don't like the fact they have gotten rid of my original ringtone which I have had since I got a windows phone (I am on my 3rd one now).
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    05-03-2017 11:32 AM
  2. Diamond67's Avatar
    I have Lumia 640 LTE. I have three email account tiles pinned to Start screen. After CU (10.0.15063.251) the live tiles show the number of received emails normally, but the notification sounds won't be heard. I tried to change sounds and disable and enable them but that doesn't help.

    The received emails are not present in the notification area either.
    05-03-2017 01:40 PM
  3. mjg0urg's Avatar
    I received the Creators Update last night. I too have 3 email accounts on my Lumia 950 XL. Took me a couple of hours to figure out "why no right tone and or vibrate". So you are aware I have 3 diffent ring tones (1 for each email account). Here you go, looks like MS went back to group each email in one. All of you emails are under the Outlook Mail app. Follow the instructions below:

    If you have Pinned your accounts to the Live tile screen, unpin.
    Open the Outlook Mail App
    Click on the 3 bars in upper left
    Press and hold each Email account to Pin back to the Live Tile Screen
    Go to Setting, then System
    Go to Notifications & Actions
    Scroll down until you see Outlook Mail, make sure the switch it ON (to the right)
    Click on Outlook Mail and make sure Notifications and Vibrate are on (rest can remain off)
    Make sure Sound is set to DEFAULT
    Scroll down until you see Group Notifications.
    Click on each email about and set your ringtone, banner, action center and vibrate.

    Hopefully this Help. Have a Great Day
    05-03-2017 02:13 PM
  4. Diamond67's Avatar
    Hopefully this Help. Have a Great Day
    Great instructions! Works like a charm!

    Thank you very much!
    05-03-2017 02:36 PM
  5. dachrist's Avatar
    Thanks for this, I ended up removing my email account and re-adding it, which then got the notifications working again. I think I had everything set the way you stated, except for removing the live tile and re-adding it.
    05-03-2017 03:54 PM
  6. anthonyng's Avatar
    Wonder why that happened, mine continued fine on 950xl when I updated to 15063.251 on release preview a few weeks back.
    05-04-2017 11:02 AM
  7. Anne Naunymes's Avatar
    @mjg0urg Many thanks that worked!

    Why is there 20 different places to setup alerts which don't work...
    05-05-2017 01:13 AM
  8. anthonyng's Avatar
    Probably because people complained they didn't have enough control on notifications by different accounts lol
    05-05-2017 11:02 AM
  9. 73blazer's Avatar
    Thanks for that post. Works for me!

    It's stuff like this that want to make people throw their windows phone in the lake and move to apple or android. One minute it's working, they push an update, and now your not getting notifications on your email. This is basic basic core stuff that should ALWAYS work from one update to the next. It's completely ludicrous that it doesn't. You want to change how it operates under the covers fine, code a migration path so it migrates that stuff to your "new" way automatically during the upgrade so users don't scratch their heads, get mad, spend time lookig up answers or just give up all together and learn to hate Microsoft. Get it together Microsoft!!!! It's also stupid silly why you can't set a custom notification on a newly added account UNTIL you get an email on it only then will it show up in the notifications & actions center for you to customize. SO somebody gets a new windows phone who decided to switch off of apple or android and now your gonna make them run hoops to figure out how to set an email notification.
    This new update also seems to have removed several custom sounds, all the ones I was using, which is awesome, now I have to train myself for new sounds for the 3 different email accounts I have.
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    05-05-2017 12:59 PM
  10. terdferguson3's Avatar
    Happened on mine as well
    05-06-2017 02:02 PM
  11. LiFePo4's Avatar
    This worked; THANKS!
    05-08-2017 02:49 PM
  12. Bender1966's Avatar
    I also don't like the fact they have gotten rid of my original ringtone which I have had since I got a windows phone (I am on my 3rd one now).
    Try this link - https://forum.xda-developers.com/sho....php?t=1703577 - it saved me from a ton of rage over the same thing.
    07-29-2017 05:46 AM

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