1. Sasco1st's Avatar
    I'm on Lumia 925 with 8.1 Update 1, Region and Language set to US, Cortan was fine, sounds working.
    Changed Region to China to see if Cortana would change (kept language as US), no change so changed back to US Region, and now Cortana is silent! I checked the Audio, Media + Apps set to 15/30 as normal, but even the waiting sound while Cortana "thinks" is silent, and all her replies are just text. Restarted and no joy, other app sounds/ring tones are fine.

    Any idea how to fix this would be appreciated
    08-06-2014 04:38 AM
  2. Jackjones007's Avatar
    Wait for GDR2 or Cyan . I Guess no other option than an update.
    08-06-2014 05:43 AM
  3. Sasco1st's Avatar
    Thanks to the "UK Cortana not chatty" thread (can't link yet), I was able to resolve it by installing another speech pack and the English one was working again!
    08-06-2014 06:03 AM

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