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    Hey, I just went through a 20-hour journey that could be avoided completely. I failed to remove UXStyle before I upgraded, causing this chain of problems:

    I upgraded using the ISO, but when I logged into my user account, I was presented with a black screen. I used CTRL-ALT-DELETE to open Task Manager and tried to launch explorer.exe. It immediately crashed as soon as it was executed. After a lot of researching, I uninstalled UXStyle and restarted the computer. Now Windows Explorer loaded, but since UXStyle prevented explorer.exe from loading previously, the dialog that comes up after upgrading, the "Hi, We've upgraded windows for you" screen was also prevented from loading. Doing so broke my Windows installation and it froze immediately after loading the desktop. The only fix to this new problem (which took a day to figure out) was to boot into safe mode and enable the hidden administrator account. Since this account was hidden before the upgrade took place, the "Hi, We've upgraded windows for you" screen was not prevented from loading, which allowed me to properly use Windows. I then used the ISO file and executed an in-place upgrade which finally fixed everything.

    I had to use the Windows upgrade installer 4 times in total trying to get this upgrade to function. Since each in-place upgrade takes about 5 hours to complete, I wasted 20 hours when a simple uninstall of UXStyle could have prevented this from happening. My advice to you is to not miss anything that may cause compatibility problems. UXStyle is probably not the only program that can cause this problem.
    04-09-2017 09:32 PM

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