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  1. Dragone's Avatar
    - Why do you use Windows Phone?
    I generally enjoy the Microsoft user experience, on other platforms or services too. In particular, Windows Phone provides a unique user experience. Such user experience is the right balance between the "Android chaos" and the "iOS blindness". In other words I just think that with Windows Phone I can pretty much do whatever I need/want to do on a phone within a reasonable amount of time. The majority of Windows Phone features are automatically delivered to every phone, without needing effort on behalf of the user. Furthermore I believe Windows Phone devices have an extremely good price/quality ratio, even compared to Android phones.

    - What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    The user friendliness, the fastness and the live tile experience. I think the Tile itself is a great idea, I truly believe my start screen is the best solution to deliver informations to myself with just a glimpse. Again, using Windows Phone I do more than I could on iOS an with less effort than I should waste on Android.

    - Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    I don't have an Xbox, but I do really enjoy the integration with Windows Desktop.

    - Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    I can't live on without a Personal Computer. Apple desktop products have the worst price/quality ratio EVER, and I don't even recognize Linux/Ubuntu as a competitor for Windows Desktop. Windows Desktop (7 or 8) and more generally Microsoft products' software quality is really improved in the last decade. I can't even remember the last time I had a problem on my Desktop, and I can hardly imagine a better user experience. But, hei, there is always room to improve ...

    - What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    I want Windows Desktop and Windows Phone to converge to some kind of "One Device". I wait for the day when I will be able to run x86/x64 applications and make a phone call (GPRS/UMTS) from the same device. And I am eager to PAY MONEY for such device.
    11-15-2014 05:17 AM
  2. Ebuka Allison's Avatar
    - Why do you use Windows Phone?
    At first, it was because of Nokia. Well, not entirely, but that played some part. In 2012 I was 15 and I really needed to get a new phone, I had done some research on the net and was confused by all the Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwiches and Jelly Beans I could find. Then I walked into an EE store to get a phone, and I saw it. The Nokia Lumia 900. Every thing about it looked so different, so elegant in a way. I wanted it. I had to have it. I ended up not getting a phone just then as I did some more research and learned about the 920. While I waited for that to come out, a cousin of mine had a Lumia 610 to save money. I used it to demo WP, but I found it slightly confusing. Unsure of what to do I waited a while longer till finally, my old phone broke. Instantly, I sprung into action. Falsifying my age and then shuffling money across three different countries, I harnessed the power of the internet to buy a Lumia 620.
    Fell in love with it. The hardware, the screen, everything but the Music + Videos hub which was slowish on that. Otherwise, the phone had everything I needed, NFC, clearback, ffc. It was awesome and I liked it enough to buy a new Windows Phone. I still like the 620, but mine got killed during a BSOD while flashing it.
    - What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    The design. It's awesome. Live tiles. The people hub (used to be great for stalking people across social networks). The Start Screen which I described earlier as:
    unique feature which, when properly utilized, provides a convenience that cannot be easily replicated.

    The Start Screen is that convenience.

    The Windows Phone8.1.1 Start screen is more powerful than the Windows 8, Android or iOS Start/Home screens.
    and a host of other little things.
    - Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    There isn't really any besides Internet Explorer and Accent colours.
    - Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    I've always used Windows I guess. For me, it just works. I find Macs and their app bar most annoying.
    Also, the Surface Pro 3 rocks.
    The Xbox is just a thing I have, I'm ambivalent.
    - What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    I don't know anymore. The future is uncertain. Various members of the Microsoft Defense Squad have fallen over themselves to assure us that Windows Phone and Windows in general is unimportant to Microsoft's bottom line. If that's so then I'm deeply unsure of what the future holds.
    11-15-2014 05:45 AM
  3. weightypillow's Avatar
    Honestly its because of the Nokia design and the way Windows Phone works, its does things differently to Android and you don't get the issues you do when using a Samsung android phone for example.
    The camera on my 925 was the main selling point though, still a great camera.
    Have to say though that the lack of proper app support and the relatively slow development of Windows Phone when compared to Android and iOS will see me switch back after that contract is up for an upgrade.
    Its been a great time though, just I believe there are much better alternatives out there. Especially at the high end, the 930 and 1520 just aren't near the competition.
    11-15-2014 06:09 AM
  4. Stephen Pedersen's Avatar
    - Why do you use Windows Phone?
    Windows phone is fast and fluid even with my Lumia 635, which means the Windows phone team must have been at pains to optimize their software, but they didn't stop there. You don't even need antivirus software for it, because it's rock solid and secure. Most importantly, I love the user interface. It's simple and elegant. The live tiles displays enough information so that we don't constantly need to open an app to know the weather, breaking news, or a new email message.
    - What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    - Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    I don't care for games. If I did I would go to iOS or Andriod. They have plenty of games.
    - Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    - What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    I'm hoping that Windows 10 ushers in more developers to create apps. Also, I'm hoping that Microsoft makes it easy for developers to create apps such as ones for audiobooks. The lack of a decent audiobook player makes me grind my teeth.
    11-15-2014 06:10 AM
  5. scotiez's Avatar
    I am new to windows phone, I purchased the HTC One M8 windows phone 3 months ago. I was on IOS for the past 4 years, 1st with the iPhone 4s and then the iPhone 5. Apple makes good products but I got tired of it, and they make it so it does not work very easy with non apple products. Many times syncing my iPhone to my Windows 8 desktop computer I would come back to find my music a total mess and spending hours fixing it.

    Why do I use Windows Phone?
    I wanted a change from IOS and IPhone, Thought I would give windows phone a try since I have a desktop and laptop both running windows 8.1.

    What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    I love how familiar the operating system is being I have windows 8.1 on my home computer and laptop, I also love how using works with all my devices. Make a change to a document or remember something and put a reminder in one note its automatically seen in all my devices. I can't do that with an IPhone.

    Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    I don't use Xbox and it still confuses me when Microsoft renames programs like zune pass to xbox music pass and so forth, but the intergration with windows is probably the reason I will stick with windows phone from now on.

    Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    I don't have an Xbox but for over 15 years now every computer I have had has been a windows computer. The world uses windows computers, its just a fact of life.

    What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    Window 10 is what excites me the most. for me it is a live or die situation. It must run on all devices, and intergrade with all of them. The Integration between my devices now is great but I want it better. What I do fear is being such a small market uses windows phone that Microsoft might someday drop it like they did the zune. I hope that does not happen cause android or apple doesn't work with my home computer or laptop like windows phone does now, and I am not about to go buy a mac. Those are way over priced for having something with just an apple logo on it.
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    11-15-2014 06:15 AM
  6. EBUK's Avatar
    I've had my Lumia 735 for just over a fortnight. I moved from Android (always been an Android user since 2.3.6 Gingerbread.)

    - Why do you use Windows Phone?
    Frustration with Android. It gives a good experience, but not a great one. Android is fragmented, manufacturers such as Samsung rarely provide updates, and there is an inconsistent user experience across phone brands due to manufacturers adding their own overlays.

    Having a good quality camera is important to me, but Android phones have only mediocre cameras at the low to midrange... I bought a Moto G 4G as it had great reviews, and it IS a good phone with pretty darn good specs and performance for the price. But the camera is one of the worst I've ever come across. When I discovered that EVERY SINGLE PHOTO I'd taken was OUT OF FOCUS, and suffered OVER AGGRESSIVE NOISE REDUCTION I decided I'd had enough of Android. There was little point buying a new Android phone when I knew the camera wouldn't be up to scratch, so I decided Windows Phone was the way to go.

    I'd only toyed with the phones in shops, but was impressed with the fluidity of the interface, and I love the start black look. People with Windows phones raved about them, and a friend eulogised about hers.

    The lack of apps isn't an issue for me - I'm not a social networker, so all I need is a decent dictionary, Telegram Messenger, Sat Nav, and a good camera. The Lumia 735 ticked all the boxes.

    Other things I like about Windows Phone - I can move / install most apps on an SD card, 3rd party apps can't write to an SD card, inconsistent layout between different apps.

    - What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    It's fluidity, consistent interface across most apps (MS is breaking its own rules with some recent apps), superb camera, speed.

    - Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    I don't have an Xbox!

    - Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    I use Windows because I can't afford an Apple Mac and Linux just isn't use friendly enough. Also, the video editing software I use is Windows only. I aama not a fan of Windows on the desktop. It remains slow, resource hungry, clunky, and insecure.

    - What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    Not excited, but I would love to see more OEMs coming on board, and I'd love Microsoft to push harder to make Windows Phone more accepted. Although I don't use them, Official social networking apps would go some way to increasing Windows Phone appeal, as would Microsoft releasing its apps first on WP, and making them just as good as on other platforms.

    I forgot to add that it did take a while for me to muster the courage to take a chance on Windows Phone. The words Microsoft and Windows are tainted due to bloat and security issues. Also, in all promo material, the phones are bursting with live tiles, which I personally find quite distracting. But research helped lay my concerns to rest.
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  7. paulxxwall's Avatar
    The os is fluid and the camera but that's about it for WP as for my Xbox one I love it as my windows 8.1 tab. I do like one drive integration. But what I and many here DON'T like about WP is the lack of apps and support even from ms them selves it has gotten better but when all you got is a smooth os and a decent camera ..... I guess its not compelling enough hence 3-4% shares. Voice assistance and notification center have been on the other two for a while and have more function . So I guess for me its the lesser of the three evils
    11-15-2014 07:27 AM
  8. techiez's Avatar
    Just for Nokia,
    11-15-2014 08:19 AM
  9. Jukka-Pekka Tuominen's Avatar
    Being Finnish it is a matter of pride to own a phone from Nokia. And when I bought my Nokia Lumia 925.1 Nokia made only phones for Windows Phone. Easy choise.
    11-15-2014 08:47 AM
  10. Andy Z WP's Avatar
    - Why do you use Windows Phone?
    I always felt disappointed with Andoid and iOS. The UI design was the first thing that grabbed my attention on Windows Phone. From there I got hooked by the fluid OS, the Nokia handsets, and particularly the awesome cameras.

    - What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    It's actually hard to pick! I have been ecstatic about the camera on my 1020. But for Windows Phone in general, I'll say the hardware.

    - Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    Basically yes, but it could be better. In that regard especially I am looking forward to Windows 10.

    - Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    I don't use Xbox, I do all my gaming on the computer or my phone. For the time being, Windows is actually my secondary operating system behind Mac OS X. I use Windows for gaming and for relatively obscure applications that don't have any Mac compatibility. There's a good chance I'll be using Windows a lot more in the near future. If 10 becomes more integrated with Phone, it might become my primary OS.

    - What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    I'm excited to see what Microsoft does with the (Nokia) hardware for Windows Phone. I love what they did with the Surface, the Pro 3 especially is quite stunning. I look forward to better phone/desktop integration in Windows 10. Also, I think I'll enjoy the multiple desktops and app-switching tools in 10.
    11-15-2014 11:15 AM
  11. EspHack's Avatar
    because I've a pc, no seriously, I just hate free code GNU Linux whatever, and even worst if it is from google(ads) and also hate apple and its toys, the way they are like a "walled garden" I don't like being treated like a kid

    my desktop computer is my main machine, anything that plays nice with it is welcome, that and my hate for both too closed(apple) and too open(google) software made windows phone my only natural choice

    apart from that, I just like it, its very different from anything else and I like that, it strikes the balance just like windows x86, I mean, its meant to just work without any tweaking or messing around with settings, but it also lets you some space to experiment and change things, ios and android are the total opposites, its the kind of phone I can take every morning with full confidence that it wont fail me(like an iPhone) and I can do things like connect it to a computer and move files around but without failing me because I downloaded something that altered this so called "open" OS kernel and bricked the damn thing(like android)

    I have some hope that some day they will make it as wonderful as its x86 big brother, Microsoft clearly is on the long run for this so im pretty confident I will be using a windows phone 5 years from now
    11-15-2014 11:53 AM
  12. fatclue_98's Avatar
    The one feature on WP that is head and shoulders above all other platforms is the keyboard and predictive text. I've resigned myself to the fact that physical keyboards went out with my Pre3 so I went with the best in the business. I don't play games so that's a non-issue. OneDrive integration is the number 2 reason. Before anybody says the iOS or Android versions are better, can you access your Recycle Bin on those versions? No, unless they've updated this week. The third reason is the Cam Scanner app. With the PureView camera and the WP interface, it's the best out there. Probably the only app that is better than the iOS or Android counterparts. Last, but not least, the contact integration with Facebook and LinkedIn is awesome.

    As you can tell, I'm more of a business-centric user so I can't comment on Twitter, Instagram or any of that stuff. I don't even have any of those accounts.
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    11-15-2014 12:28 PM
  13. mmmdonuts's Avatar
    - Why do you use Windows Phone?
    It was the best deal at the time. I was a T-Mobile pre-paid minutes customer and wanted to upgrade to a smartphone and the T-Mo $30 plan. I could have gone with Android but the Lumia 521 was better than any other device in that price range. I carried a Blackberry (work) for five years and played around with my son's iPod touch/iPhone, wife's GS3 and daughter's Nexus. I chose to go with the best deal.
    - What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    The integration with MS online/cloud services and Win desktop. The UI is different and good. The resource usage seems lower than Android and iOS so lesser hardware still runs WP very well. The Cyan/WP8.1 update pushed my battery life into a 3rd day.
    - Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    Windows yes, I don't Xbox.
    - Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    - What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    Hopefully stability and longevity of the WP platform. MS has the resources to continue development and seems to be interested in showing the other players how to get along. Funny to think of MS as the company that is more open than the others.
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  14. RumoredNow's Avatar
    I'm not going to get model or OEM specific here... Just the OS, yes?

    - Why do you use Windows Phone?
    It does what I want in a pleasing manner, with a minimum of fuss. Between the customization of the Start screen, Live Tiles, Glance, Notification Center and Cortana; I feel like all the info I need and tasks I want to accomplish are very close to the surface, readily available and highly palatable. Set it up and run. No constant tweaking, no digging through layers of menu, no searching static grids. It's a very flexible and fairly intuitive UI. What you want when you need it and not a lot of clutter from what you don't use or rarely use.

    - What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    The Live Tiles and Glance Screen - getting information on the fly without poking and prodding at the device makes for a powerful experience and enhances the usability of the device tremendously over other mobile Operating Systems I've used. Cortana is a fantastic extension of that power and something I rely on more and more as time goes by. For those who don't have Cortana yet, or just an Alpha - hang on, she's coming and the wait should be well worth it.

    - Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    Xbox is a non-issue for me. I don't have a gaming platform apart from my mobile devices. The integration with Windows is nice, but plug and play backup via USB could be a bit better. Cloud sync is awesome and OneDrive kicks a lot of ****.

    - Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    Xbox = N/A. I use Windows mainly due to conformity and availability not only of the OS, but 3rd party support as well. I have dabbled with Linux, but again; all that poking, prodding, tweaking just gets to be a drag. Windows just works. I like that. Mac? I don't like overpaying. I feel that Apple is really ripping people off for both Desktop and Mobile. I just can't find any justification to their pricing.

    - What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    IMHO, Microsoft is really showing me a commitment to the mobile space. Windows Phone has changed a LOT in just the past 16 months that I've been using it. I really like the pace of updates and the upcoming conformity across screen sizes should really ramp things up and bring the mobile platform even more to the forefront. Computing is increasingly about mobile and bringing a power and seamless ease of use to the smallest devices. I feel like Microsoft gets that and is striving toward opening a new chapter in their software offerings.
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    11-15-2014 12:34 PM
  15. gpobernardo's Avatar
    One word (if there's even such a word): Customizability. They say that for a device to be considered "well-made", the user experience has to match the personality of the user. That's why top shoe brands (especially for men) have custom-fit soles for individual customers so that the shoes match the shape of the customer's feet perfectly, or why top-of-the-line luxury cars offer so much customization options to their patrons. It all goes back to user experience... and I've never seen a platform that offers the same level of "personalization" than what Windows Phones offer.

    I like just how I could completely customize my start screen, phone theme, ringtones and location-based reminders all in one device. Being able to resize and change the tile layout, in tandem with being able to choose a "fitting" background are just a few of the many things only fellow Windows Phone users will be able to relate to - it's just how each and every Windows Phone reflects it's owners personality, that no two Windows Phones would look the same*, that gives this phone its exclusive edge.

    About market share: I don't really need a thousand apps installed on my phone to make it functional and productive - though I've got at least 150 apps installed in my L1020 now. I'm also not really affected by less than 10% statistics being thrown against Windows Phones - doesn't this give us a sense of "exclusivity" after all?

    I don't have an XBox (not yet at least), but I'm definitely looking forward to how Windows Phones would evolve in the coming OS updates. I've been with Windows Phones since Windows Mobile 5.0, and I don't see myself leaving anytime soon.

    *- Unless two people agree to arrange their phones in exactly the same way.
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    11-15-2014 01:02 PM
  16. udayk's Avatar
    Firstly, I believe in Microsoft's vision of an unified OS running on ALL your devices. I don't see myself buying a Chromebook or an iMac in all the possible futures, so Windows it is for me! That's the major reason I'm gonna stick with Windows Phone. Even if it is not perfect right now. I know it's gonna take a while, but I can wait :)

    Believe it or not, I actually loved desktop Windows 8's metro UI right from the start. I can see why majority of the populi didn't take to it, but to me it felt very exciting to have a 'live' start screen coupled with all the gestures and stuff. Anyway, my point is that the design of the Windows Phone 'just works' for me. It's not bloated like Android, and there's no gratuitous eye-candy like iOS. It hits a perfect sweet spot of being simply beautiful and also very usable. It lets me show my individuality a bit more by being creative with the start screen. All I can do on Android is put a wallpaper to my liking.

    And then there's the CAMERA! This one actually goes to the Lumias. I'm an enthusiast photographer and do a lot of spontaneous clicks. It's just impossible for me to carry a dedicated camera 24/7 so I really need a phone that can hold up to itself when it comes to imaging. And Lumias don't disappoint in that regard.
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    11-15-2014 01:40 PM
  17. L Beezy's Avatar
    Why do you use Windows Phone?
    I use it because it just works for me...it does everything I need it to do and smoothly. I also tend to go against the grain... I like the fact that majority of the time I'm the only person in the room that uses a Windows Phone. People tend to ask about the OS quite often, being curious of what it has to offer. I simply tell them my experience.

    What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    Its live tiles and the overall smoothness of the OS.

    Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    I think the integration could be better between Windows and WP. It's too simple in my opinion. Since I don't own an XB360 or a One (trying to graduate in Mechanical Engineering in May; games are distractions) I can't comment on that.

    Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    Windows runs all the programs I use for school (SolidWorks, AutoCAD, MATLAB to name a few). Also, I'm able to accomplish everything through the Windows OS.

    What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    How Windows 10 is going to impact both the mobile and computer platform....although I'm more concerned about the state of WP today. It seems like with the recent moves Microsoft has been making, they aren't in-line with its mobile platform. I would rather Microsoft focus on WP and make it just as much as a priority as it seems to be making its services on other OSs.
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    11-15-2014 02:32 PM
  18. ShinraCorp's Avatar
    - Why do you use Windows Phone?

    I use Windows Phone because it offered something unique compare to iOS and Android, that and I wanted to be so hip, that the hipsters drinking Starbucks and using iPhones aren't hip enough for me :P

    - What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?

    It's a double-edge answer for me but the simplicity of the interface, there's not to much info on display so I can focus on what matters the most (the content) however sometimes it feels like there's too little info and I need to swipe in order to get more info.

    - Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?

    Integration with Windows? Yes. With Xbox? Can't say since I don't have an Xbox One anymore.

    - Why do you use Windows / Xbox?

    When I was a little baby (ok maybe not that young) I always used Microsoft products from MS-DOS to Windows 10 Tech Preview, I wanted to stay with something I am familiar with. Of course I always try out the other operating systems like Mac OS X and Linux but I always stay with Windows since it's a familiar ground and it gets the job done fast. Sure it's not as pretty as Mac OS X or has the functionalities of Linux but it's so easy to use and be productive with it (or not productive if you get what I mean). Actually now that I think about it, that's exactly like Windows Phone..... It's not as pretty as iOS nor as functional as Android but it's in the middle.

    - What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?

    I want to develop applications for Windows one day (all of my applications and games are half-baked and no where near completing) So when I heard about Windows 10 being the one OS to rule them all (of course I'm sure some restrictions are in place) and programming for it means you're pretty much programming for all sorts of devices. I was thrilled to hear that, it's like the Universal app for Windows 8 but extended.

    As for Windows Phone itself, perhaps it can take a page off the Ubuntu phone. Create an x86 Windows Phone with probably a micro HDMI port or a dock and plug all your peripherals in am boom you got the ultimate portable computer that can be a desktop when you're home or at work.
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    11-15-2014 03:04 PM
  19. killakiloz's Avatar
    Why do I use windows phone?
    A: Interface loks fun and stylized, without sacrificing functionality. Easy to pick up and use, and you can truly build your start screen around info that's important to you. The keyboard is also second to none.

    What do I love most about WP?
    A: The interface, the keyboard, the camera.

    Do I like the Integration with windows/Xbox?
    A: Currently don't own a PC or tablet, but do have an Xbox one. The integration is great! I use my phone over the media remote to control my Xbox, show off game clips to friends, and send messages!

    Why do I use WP?
    A: It offers something different and fun!

    What excites me about the future?
    A: One OS across all your devices!
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    11-15-2014 03:27 PM
  20. mattmossmusic's Avatar
    Why do I use Windows Phone?
    It's the smoothest OS around! Plain and simple.

    What do I love most about WP?
    The live tiles! The phone seems alive compared to dead, static icons. It's easily customizable and unique looking as well.

    Do I like the Integration with windows/Xbox?
    Yes! I'm a gamer and love the XBOX Smartglass App. Very helpful!

    Why do I use WP?
    It works great for me! I took the plunge with the HTC Trophy and never looked back! I've owned two 822's and currently a 928.
    The whole user experience has been just awesome to me. I've turned a few Android and IOS people around, as well! Great cameras. games, Office integration!

    What excites me about the future?
    Windows 10 and the cross platform experience it should bring!

    Matt Moss
    Los Angeles, CA
    gamertag: MOSSROCK LA
    WPcentral: mattmossmusic
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    11-15-2014 03:55 PM
  21. Guytronic's Avatar
    - Why do you use Windows Phone?
    Lower device cost off contract in the US this is why I'm here today.
    The simplicity along with the elegance of the OS was very important for me initially.
    I found the OS easily embraced.

    - What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    The Microsoft phone screen looks like a bookshelf to me.
    It can be anything from pristine to a cluttered disaster...whatever you desire...

    Even though the tiled UI seemed a little clunky at first it sang to me because of it's geometry.
    The OS has grown quickly in my opinion.

    That clunky startscreen has become a pretty impressive control panel for this user.
    I love to place and organize things in boxes so Windows on a phone in that respect is perfection.

    - Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    Yes from what I've seen here this is a top notch feature.

    - Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    22 years of fascination to intense aggravation with Windows has created a concrete bond.
    I liken it to a marriage that has weathered everything from beautiful warm sunrises to a flooded basement.

    - What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    The adventures around the corner with rumored versions and devices.

    I'm almost sure Microsoft is not leaving mobile users behind.
    My personal hope is that "unification" happens.
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  22. Pivotgeeks's Avatar
    Why do you use Windows Phone?
    Windows phone is my first smartphone, i use HTC 8x, and my reason to go with Windows phone and not android,..well i played with my friends Android phone before to me it was complex thing and never appeal to me it was like every other phone boring design..then one day on my way to my home, i saw a guy with Nokia Lumia And man he was looking so different holding it.. i mean there were other holding and using there smartphone in the bus but this guy stood out with a Beautiful phone and i come home and looked it up and it was windows phone and my heart was set..

    What do you like / love most about Windows Phone?
    Live tiles
    Wallpaper Live title (8.1)
    Design and animation
    Easy of use

    Do you like the integration with Windows and Xbox?
    Don't have xbox, but i do love the integration with windows..

    Why do you use Windows / Xbox?
    again don't have Xbox, and Yes I use Windows have used it since i learnt operate computer, Currently running win 8.1 and LOVE IT
    don't know why people complain about it oh its unstable oh its buggy blablabla ,... 8.1 is most polished windows ive used

    What excites you about the future of Windows / Windows Phone?
    As of now Win 10 is only thing that excites me, and there been a lot of disappointment, like cortana going other platform, but i will stick around.. after all i love the OS more than cortana..
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    11-15-2014 09:40 PM
  23. blacquay's Avatar
    I use Windows cos I like to think different and hate "popular opinion"

    Own a touch-screen laptop, a Nokia tablet and a Lumia 730. So yes, I like the level of integration and direction of MS.

    Am I excited? A lot is riding on Windows 10.

    All I know is any OS I stick with eventually blossoms.
    11-15-2014 10:43 PM
  24. arjunan's Avatar
    I loved Nokia from the beginning and still own an N8 and an N72. And I was tempted by the tile UI and clean lockscreen of WPso much that I used it's mockup on my LG cookie. The combination of both was too awesome for me to ignore. So when the time came, I chose a Lumia 520.

    Now I own an 830. Even though I have regrets about the platform, the wow i had when I first used the OS is still in me. Combining that with Lumia's excellent hardware, I am not going anywhere else soon.....
    udayk likes this.
    11-15-2014 11:38 PM
  25. batboris's Avatar
    Sorry, not a detailed answer...

    All time Windows and Skype user. Frequent IE user due to my work. Beginning of last year I got angry at Google for not letting me setup Gmail on my Blackberry +not fixing the problem they have with the "." in the account name (I'm getting other people mails) ... and said "F*** you Google". Made my Outlook mail my primary one. Deleted Chrome from every PC that I'm using and started searching with Bing. Then I got a L920. At the end of last year I've decided to build the entire ecosystem instead of using part of it. So, I got the Xbox One when it came to my country (I'm a gamer so I had to get a console at a certain point anyway).
    Then something amazing happened... I've managed to make my company getting me a Surface Pro 3 :) . Sold my iPad mini and my old Lenovo laptop and at that point I was "all in" Microsoft's devices and services (Ballmer said it, not me :) ). A small adjustment of the setup was needed as the Surface is not that perfect as a tablet. I needed something for reading in the bed or while traveling. So then the L1520 came to help solving this issue.
    My last edition to this is Xbox Music Pass. You cannot use Spotify in desktop on the Surface due to the connected stand by and it seems that there are no plans for a modern app anytime soon. So, I've canceled my subscription and for two months already I'm a happy Xbox music user. Having my playlists on all my devices without doing anything except logging in is priceless :)

    So, to answer the question:
    For me it is not just the Windows Phone. It is the entire ecosystem. I'm happy with it now and I think it will be even better next year when W10 goes official. Don't read my last statement as "we need to wait again". I'm not waiting for anything, cause I'm already using what I want. It will just get better after some months :)
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    11-16-2014 01:56 AM
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