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    A few months ago, I dropped my phone (the day before my case came in the mail, of course) and the screen went fuzzy, much like an old box tv for several minutes, then rebooted several times before catching up to itself. I'm not sure what on earth happened because of this drop, but since then I have had a huge amount of issues.

    First- I cannot complete certain updates on my phone, including some system updates such as for "extras+info" and "Lumia Camera". I get the error code 80070539 on these failed updates, but I do not believe that is the real reason these apps will not update. One method I used to fix this was to make sure I accepted updated terms and conditions for Microsoft, which helped complete some updates, but I still have several left waiting.

    Second- Several apps and processes just do not work at all. Example: settings>applications>photos+camera the screen begins to flip over to the photos+camera menu, then abruptly stops before returning to the applications menu. This exact scenario happens to several other processes throughout the phone, including the calendar app, adding new emails and accounts, etc.

    Third- I cannot backup my phone. This is a major problem as I have an abundance of files that I desperately need on my phone, but whenever I attempt to backup my phone, it may make it up to 97% maximum before it says the backup failed. This is the primary reason I haven't attempted a hard reset yet, and I would prefer to avoid doing a hard reset unless we can manage to fix at least the backup issue.

    Fourth- My computer will not recognize my phone. I am running a laptop with Windows 8.1, all my drivers are up-to-date, I've uninstalled/reinstalled drivers, etc. but the computer doesn't even recognize that I plug the phone in, even though my phone still charges at a normal rate. I have also tried different computers and different cables. Nothing has proven helpful. There is not a place in my computer that I can find a trace of detection of my phone, not under devices/drives/anything.

    Any suggestions? I will try just about anything that doesn't involve losing all of my data.
    06-14-2015 07:46 PM
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    You have a indeed some problems and I hope we can solve a few.

    Problem number 1 and 2 can probably solved by a hard reset.

    Problem number 3 happens more it could be related to number 1 or 2 but basically 97% should be enough to get most apps back.
    But have a look at this article
    Error with your Windows Phone OS backups? Here is how to get them back on track | Windows Central
    But be aware that this back up does not back up files like pictures, music documents etc. It "only backs up apps+settings and if you enable it text messages.
    But also be aware that if you do a hard rest and restore the back up that apps which are pulled from the store will not be available anymore. (During the apps+settings backup the app is not back upped put the link to the store)

    Problem number 4 may be due to a bad USB port in your phone because your already tried different USB cables and PC's
    But have a look at this post.

    Is you still are not able to connect your phone to your PC you could back up your files to Onedrive or use an app like Easy transfer
    Easy Transfer: Transfer files from Windows Phone over Wi-Fi

    If you need more assistance please register and reply on this post.

    Good Luck
    06-15-2015 07:54 AM

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