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    I moved from Verizon to AT&T today and upgraded from the 928 to the 950. When I signed in with my Microsoft account, my contacts synced to the new phone, but most of them are missing the phone numbers. All the other contact info is there for them. Any ideas why?

    I would use the AT&T "Transfer my data app", but my old phone got dropped and the screen is completely cracked and unresponsive so I can't download it to that phone.

    Also, I have the camera settings set to 16 mp jpeg, but when I take a picture then look at the picture info the picture size is between 5 mp and 6 mp.

    Thanks for any ideas on either of these!
    11-27-2015 11:54 PM
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    Most likely your numbers are trapped with Verizon. You could try using the browser on PC to export from Vzw and then import to Outlook. https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/247389/

    OK, Pics...

    Photos will only show you the smaller MP oversampled. That's the one optimized for sharing.

    Plug in to USB and on your PC and you will have fuller access.

    As a long time 1520 user I now only use the Lumia Camera (equivalent to your Microsoft Camera App in 10) for Rich Capture or jpg + dng. Use the Rawer App on the phone to edit dng or export the full MP file to desktop for GIMP, Photoshop etc.

    Look into alternate Apps to shoot with like Camera360 Sight or ProShot for a one file High Res jpg capture.
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    11-28-2015 12:50 AM

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