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    Perhaps I misunderstand. I thought I read the desktop version of Enpass is always free, and the apps for additional platforms are $9.99 for life. Seems clear enough, but why $9.99 for the Windows 10 Store app? Is this to be interpreted as an app in contrast to a "real desktop application" which seems described as always free (and frankly preferable to me -- I'm one who actually very much dislikes using apps on my computer -- guess I'm either slow or old fashioned in that sense LOL). Do I get this? Free desktop application for Enpass, but $9.99 in app form even on a computer for those who prefer the app style? Finally, and perhaps dumb question, but: for $9.99 can I use the Android app on multiple devices, or is 10 bucks for each individual device. Example, if my wife and I wanted to use Enpass on our individual Android phones. And, mobile versions: assume would follow your account when upgrading to a new phone of the same platform? Also, if using true desktop version, "must" one install extensions for Chrome or Firefox? Or is that simply for "app-like" integration with the more modern browsers? Thanks very much for clarifying.
    08-22-2016 11:01 PM

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