1. zhris's Avatar
    The battery on my Stream 7 didn't seem to last as long as I had expected it to, so I tried a little experiment to see if I was simply being unreasonable. Would you consider this acceptable?

    OK, so I charge the battery to 100%, and remove the cable. WiFi is on, volume is muted. All Windows and HP updates applied. I hit the button to put it into sleep/ standby/ whatever, and walk away. After exactly 24 hours, I turn it back on and get the black "your battery is at less than 3%, system will auto-shutdown" screen. I've been able to reproduce this 3 times in a row.
    02-26-2015 01:47 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    I would not consider that remotely acceptable.
    I'd get in touch with HP, perhaps secure warranty replacement or repair since I don't think that can be normal for that device.
    Although considering the price tag, it could be.
    02-26-2015 02:07 PM

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