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Jan 12, 2013
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Sonar by Kamsoft - turn your Windows Phone into a real, working sonar!*

I found an early version of this app way back in Windows Mobile 5.0 when I had the chance to have an exchange of emails with its developer, Kamsoft, for a few bugs and testing. Now in Windows Phone 8.1 and updated just a few months ago with a transparent tile, the app has been polished, refined and debugged to literally transform your Windows Phone into a portable sonar - with an accuracy of +/- 10cm**!

Sonar Mode - displays obstructions as dots or lines along the y-axis for corresponding distances as a function of time (x-axis)

Rotational Mode*** - utilize your phone's digital compass and detect obstructions around you by simply rotating your phone with each chirp

Cumulation Mode - displays obstructions (x-axis) cumulatively along a specified range or distance (y-axis)

Resonans Mode - a simple audio test designed to determine the response of the microphone to the chirp generated by the phone's speaker/s

Modes can be tweaked individually in the settings, where you can specify the chirp frequency and duration, amplification and offsets, giving the users the ability to modify the effective detection range - but the app already works well with the default settings - no tweaking required.

It comes with a trial period, but the price tag is pretty much worth it. Head to the store here and give it a spin and tell us what you think!

* - I am not related nor affiliated with Kamsoft, but I hope to have had encouraged the developer to maintain the availability of his apps by this simple gesture.:cool:
** - at a distance of 10 meters.
*** - works only for phones with a digital compass

Also check out his fully functional FFT Audio Analyzer: Spec.

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