Can I get some help with a problem I am having with a pop-up blocker?

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Problem with pop-up blocker

I am having problems with the pop-up blocker that will not allow me to print the correct shipping label that I need.
I need to print, my parcel shipping labels, from Canada Post, through PayPal.
I paid for 2 unsuccessful attempts at printing the label for 1 parcel, and the only label that I was able to print, was the SAMPLE label and not the SHIPPING label. The printer-generated labels, come from Canada Post, but are also marked Pitney Bowes at the top of my printed page.
I did click on PRINT LABEL, and not PRINT SAMPLE.
PayPal told me that it was probably an issue with my new browser, The Edge for the newly installed Windows 10, on my laptop.
Any help would be appreciated. My business, heavily depends on my ability to print my own shipping labels.

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