How can I get Outlook on a Lumia 950 to send From a POP account that is feeding through Yahoo?

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I use my lumia 950 to access many email accounts. This is managed through Outlook. With some maneuvering, it will receive and send from my work and yahoo account just fine. The problem is a POP account I manage through my yahoo account. I can receive, but all sent emails say it is from No option to select a different "From" address. On my old phone this option was enabled; a drop down menu let me choose which email address the reply was "from". How do i get Outlook on Lumia 950 to send from the pop account that is feeding through Yahoo and not from


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Aug 2, 2015
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There really isn't an option when sending the email. There isn't a drop down menu while sending the email either.

The only option I can think of would be to manually change outgoing server each time you want to send from that specific email address. Check the mail settings, specifically outgoing server settings. It's just too tedious on Windows Mobile.

I dislike managing email accounts from another email account. There is no real advantage in doing so. Why don't you just add that specific email account in addition to the Yahoo acct? Add each email account individually. Problem solved.

If you need contacts from one acct, you can export your address book to a file. Then import them to the other account. Or add them individually, or delete the ones you don't need.

EDIT: Hopefully we can upvote this in MS Feedback and they will add the feature.
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