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How to block wi-fi and 4G networks?

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I'm hoping this is the correct forum for such a question. As a teacher, though I am loved by most of my students and not hated by the others the cell phone problem has grown too big. Some of my students have told me secretly that they like the idea of me having everyone place their phone on pockets in the back wall. Either because they are aware of their own addiction or because the use of their neighbor using the phone bothers them. The 'other' students cheat by bringing in 2 phones (1 of which may be fake). I have no time to check each and every phone to see if it's real or not nor do I want to break the trust of my students for the majority who do not cheat. Hence my question and need


Oct 30, 2012
Depending on what country you are in - you will first need to check the laws about blocking/jamming cell signals. In the US, it is illegal to block cell signals for any reason. Since WiFi signals don't travel far, they can be stopped by simply turning off any wifi repeater in your area of the school (if the school allows). The only way to legally block cell signal would to be to build a Faraday cage around your room.

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