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I cannot start windows 10 from the new start button- can this be fixed please?

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At first everything worked fine then problems. When I click on START button or try "Search the web and Windows " nothing , zilch. nada " I had to search for a work around classic start menu to open up windows. I have searched for an answer, googled it and have not got a solution. Can YOU help and can you also tell me how to revert to Windows7 in the event there is no solution.
Totally fedup Sean


Jan 27, 2014
Create a new user account and give it admin privileges, log into that one and check if the start menu is working. If it is, disconnect your MS account from your main user account (the one with the "borken" start menu) and add it to the new user account. All of your files can be found in the user section (my pc)..

Also you can't start your pc from the start menu :/