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Lumia 520 8.1 update error 80004001-Please Help


WPCentral Question

Hi Friends,
I was happy when my phone received the notification for 8.1 update last Saturday,Unfortunately i didn't succeed in updating my firmware as the process is stalling with an error code'80004001',it says the update was successfully downloaded but couldn't be opened,Tried resetting the phone to factory reset but no results,I have followed all the instructions given on the official website for update process.i have 3.5gb of free space on phone memory and using a wi-fi connection of 20mbps speed with best possible phone battery levels,Kindly help me to find a solution


Ambassador Team Leader
Nov 4, 2013
If possible perform a phone back-up.

If you have an SD card in the phone shut the phone off and remove the card.
Restart the the phone and attempt the update again.


New member
Aug 19, 2014
Thanks for the reply sir,That didn't work again,actually the problem is that the update is downloading but fails after installing upto 98%.