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Music via USB and Jack using 950XL


New member
Sep 11, 2016
I have the following 3 Things

Lumia 950XL
Ford Focus titanium x
IPod Classic

The Ipod classic work very will in my car via USB port and the 3.5 jack but it is old and needs replacing.

So I connect my 950XL to the USB port and 3.5 jack via the headphone socket but it will not work no sound.

Bluetooth sort of works but the sound is not good + I can not search the phone if I went to change tracks

Please help if i'm missing something


New member
Feb 4, 2016
Most car stereos are device specific namely Android and iOS. Is the USB plugged in to charge or use for controlling things i.e. stop/pause/play/shuffle etc...AFAIK, bluetooth works fine when I tested on my stereo system.


New member
Aug 2, 2015
Cars cannot control the 950XL via the USB to USB-C. If anyting, the USB port will prevent the 950XL from draining faster.

Audio 'should' work via the headphone jack. Just need to tell your car stereo unit to pick up AUX input. Turn up volume on the phone and then adjust volume in your car as needed. You need to manually control tracks and playback of songs on the phone itself.

If your car has Bluetooth, that's the way to go. Connect USB to keep phone charges. Control music via your car (change tracks, skip, pause, play, etc).