Proximity sensor on Lumia 535 doesn't work correctly + Windows 10, how can I fix it?

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proximity sensor on Lumia 535 doesn't work correctly + windows 10

in last build of windows 10 mobile (and older too) proximity sensor is disabled and it's have some serious problem for (and other people that mentioned in Microsoft answer website).

anyone here like as admin can tell to Microsoft that if other phones works great it's not mean every phone works correctly and push a update for Lumia 535 to fix this serious issue!!

(i sent so feedback to Microsoft but noting change)


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Aug 26, 2014
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Re: proximity sensor on Lumia 535 doesn't work correctly + windows 10

The Lumia 535 has had issues with the proximity sensor in the general masses using Windows Phone 8.1. Given that, and the fact that Microsoft has disabled it for Windows 10, tells me that more than likely they need a firmware release in order to fix the issues with the sensor. That's kind of like a BIOS update for a PC, and it tells the OS how to communicate with the hardware in a specific way.

While Microsoft can push out updates without carrier intervention for the Windows 10 Mobile OS, they are unable to do the same with firmware. For a firmware update, they need to get the carrier to approve the update. It may take a while for it to be available, and then it will only be available to international unlocked and to phones from carriers that approve it.

I think it's best not start a conversation on how long that will take, because I can guarantee you that Windows 10 will have to be official on that model before negotiations will even start. Sorry for the news.

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