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Sending Contacts (vcf file) on button click via Bluetooth in Windows phone 8.1

om narayan dixit

New member
Jul 8, 2015
Hi All,

I am very new in windows phone app development. I am developing a app which help user to send their contacts via Bluetooth.
I tried my best but I am not able to code which help me to send Contacts(VCF file) via Bluetooth.
Here is the description what I am trying to achieve :
1. I want once user clicks on Send button, he should be able to turn on their Bluetooth
2. Once the Bluetooth pairing is done, user will be able to send the selected(multiple) contacts to the other person.

Platform - WIndows phone 8.1
XAML and C#

Can someone please provide me a correct code through which I can send the file using Bluetooth.

Thanks in advance.:grin:

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