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The website is horribly unresponsive on W10M, also freezes after a while


New member
Aug 8, 2013
Lumia 640 dual-SIM, 10586.494

Your website is very unresponsive in edge. When I open a page it seems to load in 10-15 seconds, which is fine, but the problem is that it actually is still loading in the background and does not respond when I tap on a link at all. I have to wait for about 4-5 minutes before I can open an article/link.

Also, when I stay on a page for too long, say when I'm reading an article, the page freezes after a few minutes (I cannot scroll, open links, etc.) Refreshing usually doesn't work. I have to load the whole page from scratch. (the page freezes, not edge itself.) It seems that both the desktop and mobile versions are affected.

It's been like this for as far as I can remember. It has made navigating the website an utter pain.

P.S. I've cleared cache, history, etc. no change.
P.S.2. Only a small number of websites that I regularly visit behave like this. Most are fine.
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Feb 21, 2013
The easiest fix is to use a web browser with extension support and install an adblocker. The problem has to do with whatever ad software they use on this website.


Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
It's been like that since WP8.1 if not earlier.

And I'm not sure about the ads. While they make the site unusable on desktop, I've been able to use the site on my iPhone and not-at-all on any WP.


New member
Apr 29, 2014
I have ads blocked on my 640 and the site/forum is usable on Edge or UC Browser without issues. The Windows 10 app is an entirely different story.